Thursday, 26 March 2009

Inspiration From My Desktop

I keep an eye candy folder on my desktop of random pictures of things that I like. Some decorating things, some craft things, some fun kid things--all pretty pictures. I've saved them from blogs and other web sites here and there, but unfortunately I don't remember where they all came from. Sorry about that! But I can remember where I saw a few of them. The one above I saw on Brown Button and is from Family Lifestyle Home. The image just below is from SFgirlbybay. I remember that one because I have a crush on Rico and because Victoria named my lady Stella. I was thinking about the paintings I brought home from Switzerland and how much I'm always drawn to floral paintings and lady portraits--they get me every time. I'm always drawn to interiors that have oil paintings of flowers or ladies. Why that is, I have no idea. Guess there's no reason to question it though. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from my inspiration folder.


The Hip Homemaker said...

I am working on a little redo of the living room and I have been really drawn to spaces with multiple, unmatched artwork groupings. These are some really great examples. Thanks for the inspiration!


Where is your own gallery? Just went on your etsy so I can drool over that bag! And that new one shown here is pretty cool too. Have a great weekend you three!
Lisa & Alfie

Stephanie said...

oh yes these are all drool worthy. Thanks for sharing!