Friday, 27 March 2009

My (bad?) Taste

I went to the thrift store earlier this week and got a few great things. What's wrong with me that I like this lamb sweater and these lightning bolt style 80s shoes equally as much? I think I have strange taste. Or maybe just bad taste! The shoes went into my etsy shop, and I think they are really fun. But I'm keeping that goofy sweater, which to me runs into decorative Christmas sweater territory, but I just love those little sheep, baaaa. I also got this great bag, which has a really cool design and interior. The handles are coming apart though, so I have to see if I can get them repaired. I thought this one was worth trying to save. Hopefully I'll get it fixed soon and list it in my etsy shop.

PS. Just about everything at the Salvation Army on Valencia Street is 50% off tomorrow (Saturday 3/28), including all women's clothes (but not shoes or red tag clothes). So if your a thrifter and in SF you might want to go!


caroline said...

i love your "bad" taste.

lauren said...

uhhhh bad taste? NO! i totally really super love that sweater and if it were like, October I would sport it with abandon!

Anonymous said...

My mom purchased that same sweater new... and still has it. :) Seeing it brings back some wonderful memories.