Wednesday, 4 March 2009

etsy fix!

I got my etsy fix last night, just browsing all my favorite shops. We're having a great time here, but with all this stuff I'm amassing to sell in my etsy shop, I'm looking forward to getting back to it when I get home. I'm also looking forward to going treasure hunting at estate sales with my friend Caroline who is scoring a lot of great vintage finds. Just check out all the great things in her etsy shop, like this Danish modern cook pot above! Surrounded by all this cheese and chocolate, I can't help but picture some fun fondu dipping in this pot's future, or hot chocolate--those little spouts on either side are perfect for hot chocolate pouring. The lucky owner of this pot might want to pick up those great Vera napkins to make the experience complete. Now that I have my etsy fix, I can get back to Swiss sightseeing.


wide open spaces said...

of course it's Danish. that must be why i love it. great find.

msaims said...

wowee! what adventures! so much i just want to buy!