Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Portner Antiques

Remember the cool antique shop I told you about the other day, the one where I bought the wool plaid blanket? Well, I went back this week and the nice guy working there let me take a few pictures. Lois was squirming around in the carrier trying to grab the camera strap the whole time, so it's a miracle all these pictures aren't blurry, but I did manage to get a few pictures and bought a few linen napkins as well. Speaking of the linens, check it out. The selection here is outstanding. Those wicker baskets off to the left there in the picture below are filled with monogrammed linens. What's your initial? It's probably in there on some amazing woven cotton tea towel or napkin. Unbelievable. He also has monogrammed tablecloths, bark cloth fabric, and curtain panels in all kinds of beautiful prints. Nothing is marked with a price, but like last time, for the things I asked about, I thought the prices were very reasonable--pretty low actually. I asked the price of a set of 6 navy and white tea towels with the monogrammed initials "RS" on them (my uncle's initials) and he said, "uh, . . . 10" (Swiss francs--about $8.50). Not bad. I love this place and would like to snuggle up to all those linens on the settee he has sitting next to them. I can't find a web site (doubt they have one though because he said he didn't have an email address), but the shop is on Hallwylstrasse.

Tea set will you come home with me?

And cool cabinet with glass drawers, will you come home with me too? You can be friends with the tea set.

I'll have to go back and ask the price on those cute acorn top salt and pepper shakers. (I collect salt and pepper shakers, well, I have a small collection of them anyway.)

The place is a little messy, but I like that. It gives it a lived in feel.

He wrapped linens. A brown paper package tied up with string. One of my favorite things. Simple and sophisticated. I love this place!

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