Thursday, 26 February 2009


I've found a few great antique shops in our neighborhood the last couple of days. Today I stumbled upon one called Portner, which is on a really pretty street called Hallwylstrasse. I'm not sure if this little area has a name, but along Hallwylstrasse were a few really nice looking restaurants (like this one) and shops. There were also a few swanky, modern looking design firms on this street. The antique shop was narrow and piled with amazing stuff. In the back was a huge hutch filled with beautiful linens--tablecloths, napkins, curtains, blankets--all kinds of great things. They were are clean and neatly arranged. They looked so beautiful! I just went in quickly because I brought the stroller and had to take Lois out and leave the stroller outside in order to go inside. The man working there was really friendly so I'm hoping he'll let me take some pictures next time I go in. I did pick up this one wool blanket that I love. I'm not sure if I'll sell it in my etsy shop or keep it. The prices weren't marked on anything, but the prices for things I asked about seemed reasonable.

On the way home, I passed an antique toy shop with exclusively antique toys. How fun is that? I didn't see the hours posted, so I'll just have to go back at another time and see if it's open. From the window I could see a lot of great things.

PS. I haven't forgotten to check out more of the typical Zurich sights (you know, the more touristy stuff). I'm just waiting to do those things with Andrew on the weekends when he's off work.


Michelle said...

oh man, sounds like you are having soo much fun!

Anonymous said...
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