Friday, 27 February 2009

Bürkliplatz Farmer's Market

I love the one yellow tulip peeking out in the middle of all these other colorful tulips. It makes me think of spring itself, just trying to break out and show its color. This morning I went to the Bürkliplatz farmer's market, which I heard is one of the more snazzy Zurich farmer's markets and color was everywhere. I think it was equal parts produce and flowers. I was mostly taken by all the flowers. So many beautiful flowers! And of course there was cheese--what would a farmer's market in Switzerland be without cheese? In addition to the everyday fruits and veggies, some vendors had interesting vegetables I couldn't recognize. There was also one vendor with just mushrooms, one with fish and meats, and a few vendors with bread and pastries. It wasn't too crowded, which was nice since I'm used to a really high butt brush factor at San Francisco's farmer's markets. I imagine that's just because it's winter. The prices in general seemed high to me, but it's Switzerland after all where things are just expensive. The view was great though. The market is right on the water. You can read more and see some nice summer market pictures on this cute blog. It may be gray here, and some of my pictures look pretty dreary to me, but look how pretty Switzerland can be in winter. Wow, beautiful pictures.

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MyKugelhopf said...

Hi there, it's Kerrin of MyKugelhopf !! Thanks so much for linking to my blog, much appreciated ! Such beautiful pictures here of the market. It would have been so funny if I were in one of them in the background - I was at the market this morning too of course, every Tues & Fri !! ;)

I hope you are enjoying Zurich, looks like you are in the midst of quite an adventure right now. Bon voyage alors!! I am very much enjoying looking at your recent posts, and fabulous pictures from Paris too... I'm sure I'll learn a thing or two about Zurich as well! Merci !