Saturday, 28 February 2009

Kanzlei Flea Market!

That's about how I felt at the flea market today--wide eyed and wild and about to pass out! I went to the Kanzlei flea market, and today it was great--so much better than last weekend. I'm sure it had everything to do with the weather. Last weekend it was cold and gray, and the ground was frozen. You could have gone ice skating on it. Today it was sunny and mild. It was just a beautiful day. The flea market was packed with vendors with great stuff. I had so much fun! It was extra fun because Andrew stayed back at our apartment with Lois, so I got to take my time. I could have stayed all day.

I'm still a little nervous about asking to take pictures, but I managed to get a few, though I wish I had taken more close-ups of things. This time I made a few notes in German of specific things I might want to say before I left like, "may I take a picture to show my family and friends." People are suspicious sometimes when you can't explain why you want to take a picture. Also, when I woke up this morning I found a piece of paper that Andrew left for me to take before I headed out. It was a list of sentences he thought I might need to say or ask in German (he's really sweet like that--he didn't know I had already made my own list). His notes included, "sorry, my German sucks." I didn't have to use that line, but I thought it was cute that he had it on the list.

Today there were so many vendors with great vintage clothes, shoes and bags. I could have filled a U-Haul truck with all the things I wanted to buy. One vendor had great vintage blouses in a box, all for 1 Swiss franc, that's about .85 cents. She also had a bunch of vintage shoes, all for 3 Swiss francs, 2.56 dollars. Wow, what a deal. (I didn't take pictures of her stuff though because it was all just piled in boxes.)

Here a few of the things I brought home. I think I'll need to buy another suitcase. I'll probably be regretting all these little purchases when it comes time to pack and fly home. But I'll be happy again when I get home and open my suitcase! I'll probably put most of these things in my etsy shop when I get back.

I love the two open circle clasp on this wallet above. And it's red leather inside. Then below are coin purses and one great snakeskin bag that I bought. I especially like the gold basket weave coin purse. (You can click on the picture to see it larger.)

Hankies! So many pretty ones.

Lisa is collecting hotel silver, so when I saw this creamer, I had to get it for her. It needs a good polish, but I think she will like it. It's from Hotel Krone in Winterthur, Switzerland.

I love this shirt. It's bright blue with shimmery goldish stitching. It's hard to tell in the picture, but the stitching shimmers a little. It has a banded collar and buttons asymmetrically down the left side. It's almost shaped like a chef's jacket, but it's lightweight and slim fitting. The tag says, "Claude d'Alban, Paris." I bought another one similar to this one in white.

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I didn't see the whole profile before. It's precious!! Thank you! Are you going back next week? Any alligator bags? I know how selfish it is of me to even ask as you must be going crazy trying to decide what is worth hauling home. I AM SO JEALOUS! Have I mentioned that?
Lisa & Alfie