Tuesday, 20 January 2009

etsy Vintage

Listing a few pairs of vintage shoes that I love in my new etsy shop got me to wondering why I never wear so many vintage things that I have and love, so I removed my 3 pairs of vintage shoes and now just want to go hunt for more! I've found so much great vintage merchandise on etsy. I think my favorite shop that I've found so far is Allen Company Inc. I think what sets her shop apart from so many others is not only the style and quality of the vintage pieces, but her great photographs and photo styling. I look at her shop and think, yes, I'd like that; yes, I'd like those; oh and yes, that too! I hope my vintage shop will grow up to be as nice as hers--it's motivated me to re-take all my pictures when Andrew gets back in town with our camera. PS. Happy inauguration day! Speaking of vintage, did you see Aretha Franklin's hat? That was some bow!


Brigitte said...

Oooh nice. I know how you feel. I just found some awesome vintage shoes recenlty that I blogged about. Weren't my size darn it.

Michelle said...

I love that bag!

Iyana said...

Thanks for linking.!! I just looking for some beautiful vintage shoes.