Monday, 13 August 2007

Bright Strides

While searching for buttons on ebay, I got a little sidetracked as I often do (gotta get a handle on that) and found these shoes. I read Lisa Congdon's post about shopping with her friend, Tricia, who has great thrift style and thought I'd take a peek at ebay vintage shoes. Here's a pair that I found that I love, but I already have some similar to them. I love the ones I have but have only worn them twice because they're a little snug. You can't always get the perfect fit with thrift, but for $3 they are worth the two times I've worn them! Mine are the shoes in the bottom picture. I like the ebay shoes more, but I'm a 7 and the ebay shoes are 7.5.

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caroline said...

those will fit me