Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Inspiration Comes in Black and White

Since the horrid baby blue carpet no longer lives in our bedroom and has been replaced with cream colored carpet, I've decided to go with a black and white theme in that room. Something a little more masculine than the living room, which houses the wall of ladies and a wall of flowers (I'll post more on that later). Here are some inspiring images in black and white, including a few from my grandma's old house and our work-in-progress bedroom.

From Domino Magazine
From Country Living Magazine
From Counrty Living Magazine
From the out of print, but soon to come back, so loved, Victoria (More on that Later)
The next three are from my grandma's old house - two of bathrooms and one of an office with a closet enclosure turned cottage chic with some wallpaper and a daybed.

And here are the beginnings of our black and white (or cream, really) bedroom. Andrew's bedside table came from Alameda Flea Market for $25. I think I'd like black lamp shades. I tried a few, and I liked the black, but they were too big.
I'd like a new bedside table. I have my eye on one that I want to paint black that is at The Pickled Hutch right now.
Things that mean something to me - pictures of my mom, one with my mom and friend, Jill. A wedding picture - me and my sis and Andrew (and a statue in the backgound, that's not my super tall husband). Two bunnies hugging, aww (me and Andrew - our nickname is bunny for each other). A little box to put my earrings in at night.
Andrew's bedside table. A little bike made by a night security guy in Atlanta who sells these meticulously made bikes for $5 at Donna Van Gogh's (the bike pedals even turn), the neighborhood tumbler by Dovetail, and a drawing by my uncle who makes a different one every Christmas for everyone in our family and frames them.
And the bed with shutters as a headboard until I get something I like more like an old wrought iron frame of some sort.
More bedroom pictures to come later! We're planning (or starting to plan) a trip to France in the spring. I'd like to stay here in the "Domino" apartment. Tres fab! For more black and white bliss, click here.


caroline said...

i love it! can't wait to see in person.

JHAYNE said...

thanks for the mention! great collection of inspiration. . .looking forward to seeing what you put together.

i love that tiny little bike! and the vase (?) next to it reminds of of dovetail on etsy.

Leigh said...

Jhayne, it IS Dovetail!! And it's a cup or vase of some sort. Thanks for telling me! I will put the link to etsy with the picture. I couldn't remember the artist. I got it in an indie designer shop in Boulder and wrote down the artist's name but lost the piece of paper pretty much right away. I got the bike at Donna Van Gogh's in Atlanta - I'll put that link in there too.

becoming-home said...

I often wish (in retrospect) that I had used much more white in my decorating.. all of my favorite inspiration pics have white white white!

I'm sure it will look amazing :)

Lisa said...

Your bedroom is beautiful! I love it! The headboard is fantastic! Everything!