Saturday, 4 October 2008

The Bright Side

The bun is still in the oven, but my doctor said again this week that I'm progressing well (about 3cm dilated this week), and I could go into labor any day now. My back pain is finally gone along with all the other awful symptoms that went along with it. Turns out it must have been acid reflux after all because I tried taking Pepcid and the pain went away, thank God!! It's a miracle worker. I went and bought a huge bottle of it today (it's on my approved list of medicines to take). A few nights the pain was so bad I thought I'd have to go to the emergency room, so I'm incredibly relived it's gone. I hope I don't jinx myself by saying that!

Now the only new pregnancy related development is having to pee about every hour during the night. Then it takes me about 20 minutes to get back to sleep. Poor Andrew and kitty cat. I think they are worn out from hearing me get up every hour, especially our cat, Sophie. She is totally confused. Every time I get up during the night I think she thinks it's morning and meows like crazy and wants food and some attention. I've been ignoring her, hoping she'll just go back to sleep, but I think doing this made her sick. She had to go to the vet this week because she developed something called cystitis, which can be brought on by stress. Poor kitty. She's feeling better now though. The doctor also prescribed some anti-anxiety pills for her in case we decide she needs it, especially when the baby comes. It's a good thing we're both feeling better. So while I anxiously await the baby's arrival (5 days till my due date), I'll be looking on the bright side of things--no back pain and a more relaxed kitty.


msaims said...

oh no!

for you and kitty!

i remember going to the hospital with chest pain when i was pregnant which turned out to be heart-burn. i was embarrassed but as you're aware the pain IS unbearable! oh Pepcid's sweet relief!

as for Sophie, they do say when you have cystitis ask yourself "what's 'pissing' me off"?

poor darling, but i doubt you could have done otherwise. i'm so glad your both on the mend and bless your poor squished bladder.

btw that bougainvillea is lovely!

Anonymous said...


I found your blog while googling something re: Atlanta (Victory Vintage, maybe?)...I'm in Atlanta finishing up PhD work in French, and my husband is meanwhile itching to get back to his native Sonoma Co. I saw your post on Mt. Tam a while back, and it made me wish myself back there. I'm slowly discovering the bay area during our periodic trips to CA, and it is wonderful!
I'm mainly writing to wish you well with the upcoming delivery. I'm expecting a baby (due date Jan 20). How exciting it all is!
All the best to you.


So I guess no news is no news? Wow, you actually made it to your due date kiddo. Call me tomorrow with an update.
Lisa & Alfie