Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Nice and Bright

I finally got around to taking a few pictures of our newly painted furniture. I figured I better do it before baby stuff takes over in there. We're about to put the co-sleeper bassinet beside the bed and the swing will probably be in our room sometimes too. So here it is. The paint looks much whiter than I thought it would, but I still like it a lot. Also, we re-arranged the furniture so that the room feels more open. Lisa suggested putting the dressing table on one side of the bed and the dresser on the other. I really hadn't thought of that configuration because in my mind it seemed too bulky around the bed, but I really like it so much more. Thanks Lisa! Directly across from the bed, where my dressing table was, I'd like a simple white mantel with pictures leaning on it sort of like this. I'd also like to either paint the shutters we use as a headboard or get something different. Lisa thought they'd look good painted a brighter color, like mustard to tie in with the curtains. I also like this headboard idea a lot, though I'd choose a different color for our room than blue. I didn't take before pictures, but I do have a few before pictures of my dressing table in this post.

I love my black painted tray with the porcelain votive holder resting in the center. It's hard to tell in this picture, but the tray has really pretty aqua, orange and deep pink painted flowers on it. (Sorry, I was a little lazy with the pictures today and went with the first round.)

I've been wanting to really like what I see when I'm lying in bed. Before I just didn't like what was there. Now, though, I see our new chair and my dresser with family pictures, and I really like it. It's especially nice at night when I turn on the little wall lamp and light a candle on the dresser. The larger picture on the wall of me and Andrew is our "guest book" from our wedding. Rather than a real book, we used this picture and everyone signed something around it. I like to re-read what people wrote, and it makes me happy that I can see it all the time.



Hi Leigh,
How are you kiddo? All is well? I think your dresserscapes are wonderful, personal and inviting. Well done.
I was pretty unmotivated today after Fogfest but finally got around to priming the sideboard tonight. Ugh, it's going to be a huge pain.
Take care and keep me posted.
Lisa & Alfie

i suwannee said...

i need to see more pictures of your bedroom. it might be perfect, and change everything.

let's talk. asap.