Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Nesting with Domino Deco Files

With less than three weeks away from my due date, I think I've gone into full nesting mode. In The Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy (not the best childbirth book, I must say, but I appreciate some of the information) the author says that when your nesting instinct kicks in "you may feel an irresistible urge to clean your house or defrost your refrigerator or put all your CDs in alphabetical order or some other such anal task." She says she's "not talking about the normal panicky cleaning fits that some of us fall into when our mother calls and says she's stopping by unexpectedly." She's talking about "the kind of feverish cleaning where you use your husband's toothbrush to scour the pipe that goes from the back or your toilet into the wall." She's talking about "taking off every switch plate in the house and soaking them all in pine-sol. This is the time when otherwise rational women truly believe that they cannot sleep one more night in the house where the baseboards have not been freshly painted. This is nature's way of making sure that you will be ready for the new baby, and it is called nesting."

I think my nesting instinct leans more towards re-arranging furniture than cleaning, but still, it's in high gear. Last weekend I was feeling spontaneous and said to Andrew, "I want to re-arrange the living room--will you help me?" Lucky for me he said yes (smart guy, huh?), otherwise I think I would have thrown a fit. I felt like it had to be re-arranged right then. All we really did (well, I should say all he really did as I mainly just stood there with my big belly and gave direction) was flip flop all the furniture from one side of the room to the other, so to most people it probably doesn't look that much different, but to me it makes a world of difference. Just the new perspective I get when sitting on the sofa on the opposite side of the room is refreshing. The other thing I like about re-arranging is you really get things clean. Even if you thought things were clean, when you move furniture around, you can see how just how dirty areas under and behind the furniture really were and clean all those nooks and crannies.

A few weeks ago I read about Domino's Deco Files on SFgirlbybay, which is what really got me motivated to start moving things around. It's an online organizational tool to store all of your decorating inspiration pictures. Normally I just save pictures from blogs and other web sites to a folder on my desktop and look through them every now and then. But the deco files system is a much better way to store and view the pictures. You can also browse other people's deco files and save them to your own. It's really easy to set up once you create a profile. Above is a snapshot of mine. Now I'm off to nest some more. I have to finish re-arranging and decorating our bedroom with our newly painted furniture. It looks so much better!

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