Sunday, 21 September 2008

Feeling Better

Whew, I've made it through two whole nights this week without back pain, and last night was one of them. It's really easy to take a good night's sleep for granted.

In other news, this weekend we painted, or rather had someone paint, our bedroom dresser and dressing table. The set was a very dark wood with a thick, shiny finish on them. I've wanted to paint them for years but could never decide what color I wanted to paint them, though I usually went between thinking I wanted black or off-white. Nothing like pregnancy to get you motivated to get things like this done. Since I wanted our bedroom to look brighter, we decided on off-white. The set is down in our garage drying still, but they look great. I'm so glad we got help painting them. They needed to be lightly sanded, primed and painted and needed not one or two coats of paint, but three to really coat them well. I finished up the third coat this morning. I'll post a picture one day this week.

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