Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Seeing In Color

I woke up a few days ago from dreams of hot pink. Pink everywhere. I spontaneously decided I needed color, specifically I wanted some color in our bedroom which is all ivory, brown and black right now. So I decided to change our bedroom and incorporate some pink with this as my inspiration. (Andrew is okay with the pink--I asked first!) But I can't go all pink. It's just not me, and it won't go with our other stuff. So instead I plan to mix and match a bunch of random, bright colors into our bedroom, including some pink. I'm keeping our bed neutral with just ivory bedding, and I'm going to paint our dark wood dresser and dressing table off-white. The color comes in with a bunch of pillows I'm making and in a change of artwork on the walls. I'll post pictures soon. I still have a few more pillows to make, and the furniture won't be painted for a week or so. In the meantime I have my eye on some artwork from Cathy Nichols that I really like a lot. I love her floral bouquet prints. This heart print would be perfect for the baby room even though I'd like it in our room too. I also like a lot of prints by Penelope Dullaghan. Now, though, I'm off to finish some pillows . . .

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Hey Leigh,
It sounds like you a busy girl doing exactly what I am doing. Reinventing our homes is a never ending project. We just need a 30 room house. I think the pink is an excellent idea as it goes with all 3 colors really well.
Lisa & Alfie