Friday, 22 August 2008

Gone Thrifting

Yesterday I went to the thrift store to see if I could find a shelf to go above the daybed in the baby room. I've been looking for a while and haven't found what I want yet. I didn't find one yesterday either so I think I'll just get a cubby style shelf from Ikea. I did find a few other things though! I got these two cute bright yellow tea cups that I'll use in the baby room to hold various little things, or I'll put a little stuffed animal in one of them on her shelf (I have a little bunny that would look adorable in one of those teacups). Then I got these other teacups, acually 6 of them though there are just 4 in the picutre. I really just wanted one to hold Q-tips in our bathroom, but I hated to break up the set, and I could use some more tea cups anyway. I also got a little dark blue plate with painted white flowers to set a candle on and a little pale aqua vase with yellow flowers. I'll think I give that to my sister. The colors are her style.

Then my favorite thing is this heart blanket! I heart it! I can't believe anyone could part with it. I just draped it over a chair so you could see it, but it looks better in person. I'll use it in the baby room as a throw for the daybed. It went straight to the dry cleaners, which will cost more than the blanket, but I have to have it cleaned properly for me to keep it even though it looked really clean and didn't have that thrift store smell. All for $28. Yay, I love thrifting!

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The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

Fabulous finds! The heart blanket is great, love the randomness of the hearts.