Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Pillow Talk

Here they are--my pillows for my new colorful bedroom! My inspiration came from the pink and brown combo from SFgirlbybay that I mentioned in my last post and from the general way Anna at Absolutely Beautiful Things mixes various colors and prints. The only one I don't really like is the bright pink and purple herringbone print with the green and white dots. That one is kind of ugly! It's not so much the fabrics as it is the way I sewed them on, so I might re-do that one. The others, though, I like a lot, especially the pink floral one with the mustard plaid. There's one on my bed I didn't make and that's the big floral print on the very back row. I got that one recently from Bexcaliber on etsy. Also, I haven't finished sewing up the bottoms of a few, if anyone notices.

The lighting in our bedroom isn't that great, so I brought these out in the den to take pictures of them individually. They're going back on the bed, though.

Front, pink floral with mustard plaid . . .

and back, white and black floral.

Front, black with white floral print . . .

and back, brown and ivory dots.

Front, aqua, purple and bronze flowers on a sage green-ish grey print . . .
and back, mustard plaid.

I just love this fabric (above) so I wanted to show it close! My mom scored it somewhere--maybe a thrift store. She said I could take some home last time I visited.

Then I also got a little bit of this amazing silk to cover the seat of my dressing table bench. It's rust colored, purple, pink and lime green. So pretty! It looks much more vibrant in person though. And I bought this other black and white graphic pillow from Bexcaliber as well. It will go in a chair nearby, but I just thought it looked good beside the silk for a picture.

And lastly, I made this pillow for my nephews' playroom and made another one like it for the baby room. Aqua and green on the front, and yellow and white on the back. Whew, time for a pillow break!

Now that these are done, I want to get a combination of frames and artwork to make my walls look a little bit like this. Really I just need to either spray paint some frames that I have or get a few new ones. I think I can work with what I have beyond that. More to come soon.


msaims said...

well now. they are gorgeous! i love the wicker print!! the herringbone is my favourite, hands down.


Hey Leigh,
I just took a second look and those pillows and that chair are a marriage just waiting to happen!