Friday, 29 August 2008

Salvation Army Sale

Yesterday I went to Natural Resources (a great place for mommies and mommies to be) to scope out some baby products and rent some more birth videos (eek, it's almost that time for me!). After I left, I was walking home on Valencia telling myself to cross the street--that way, I wouldn't be on the same side as the Salvation Army and therefore would be less tempted to go in. But I caved and crossed the street and went in anyway. It turns out that they're having a big sale! 50% off all bric-a-brac (that's all dishware, glassware, decorative stuff, etc.). Also, books are 60% off (they have tons of books), and clothes are 25% off. I got what you see here all for $8.98! 4 off white bowls, 2 decorative little bowls, a tiny blue and white china vase, a pink toned glass vase (for my new bright bedroom that I'm working on--whoops forgot to put that one in the picture), a little glass bowl with a lid to use in our bathroom, and my favorite--this geometric votive holder. I especially like the shape and think it could be used in so many ways: a votive holder, a vase for a large bud (like a dahlia maybe), a container for paperclips, a container for pretty buttons. The possibilities are endless for this $1 treasure! Their sale ends Saturday, so if you're in San Francisco and want to head over there for the sale, do it before Sunday.

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