Friday, 8 August 2008

Pickled Hutch Outing

Dripping jewels that Lisa's friend Debby makes are one of the many new things you'll find at The Pickled Hutch. It's been a few weeks since I've been in, and Lisa has so many new things! Rather than post pictures of 3 picks, here are some pictures of random things I just liked. And lastly, a picture of a few things I bought. One thing I bought isn't shown here because I can't fit it in our car, so I will tell you what it is and post a picture when I get it home. Good thing for me these things I bought are small or going on the wall, otherwise I'd have to get rid of some other things to make room.

How cute is this pint-sized chair and table? Ah, if I only had more room in the baby room.

Old frames. Good for framing. Good alone.

Old books.

Great desk chair that I'd like to have instead of our $10 dollar thrift treasure that needs repair.

What I came home with! A still-life oil painting of veggies, a wrought iron sconce, another little oil painting, the picture of the woman diving that I like so much, and a set of 6 glasses (I just have 4 in the picture).
Won't these be perfect for a Lillet or a little martini? Cocktails anyone? Well, none for me for a while longer.


msaims said...

i'm curious to see the baby room...

Leigh said...

I'll post pictures of it in a few weeks--it's not ready for pictures yet!

Debby said...

I feel so honored that you have posted a picture of one of my vintage necklaces on your blog!
I hope you enjoyed your visit with your family and we are glad that you are back! I hope this posting finds you well...
Thanks again!