Saturday, 9 August 2008

The Mitten

I've been on a hunt for good, cute vintage children's books for the baby room to go on my old metal card rack that I'm now using as a book rack. I probably mentioned before that the card rack is one of my top favorite things, ever, that my mom gave me, and now it's starting to look really cute as a book rack. The baby's very own book nook! So added to the rack is my new favorite, The Mitten. I haven't read it yet, but the cover and illustrations alone make it great to me. Remember The Camp Fire Girls books? Those are still my very top favorite (thanks to Lisa for those), but The Mitten is now up there with them. I got it at Debbie's Attic in Pacifica, which is an antique / junk store that seems to have some good things, but it's really hard to see or rummage through anything because the place is so cluttered. Still, if you're in Pacifica, it's worth stopping in if you're willing (and physically able) to dig through the piles. Oh, and another book display idea that I like is using old hymnal book holders--you know the little book holders on the backs of pews? I have one of those, and they are great because you can screw them into the wall down low, about a foot or so off the ground--perfect little people height.

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