Monday, 11 August 2008

Flea Market Outing

Yesterday the flea market was packed with lots of people and lots of fun stuff. It was a good flea market day, and it was beautiful outside as well. These first few pictures are from William Berg's space. He had a lot of really great things, including this cute old rocking horse among other things. A lot of his treasures are straight from France, where he goes on buying trips. He also had a basket filled with beautiful French linens.

And here are the few things I got. Below a painted watering can for $5. I'm making a small (very, very small) sitting area on our fire escape with an old white wrought iron table and a chair. I thought I'd put this on the table with some potted plants.

The baby room needed another lamp and I thought this humpty dumpty would be perfect. My mom has a handful of these wooden kinds of old lamps (I'm not sure if the style has a name). She has an ark with animals, a humpty dumpty, and a clown that I know of, but she may have more. She was planning to ship one to me, but for $10, I figured I'd just get this one and save my mom about that much in shipping.

Then I got this Mary Poppins book for $5 to add to the growing collection of kids books.

It was a fun flea market day. Look at all this stuff!


Jaimee said...

I almost bought that Mary Poppins books at Epcot. They have the whole series available...unfortunately, they got rid of all their Paddington Bear goodies though.

Oh, and you got a MUCH better deal on it! :)


Hey Leigh,
I am emailing you through here because my server is not letting me respond to your email. The lucite tissue holder is $10. I can email her a pic if she wants.
Lisa & Alfie

Fifi Flowers said...

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH... I love that day bed frame... I want it I want it! DARN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

love all of these finds...i missed out on a great flea market this weekend since it was too hot, and now i'm upset!

house decor said...

Wow what an Aladdin's cave. So cheap too, well done