Saturday, 14 June 2008

Pickled Hutch Picks

Yesterday I went to the Pickled Hutch. It's so nice going there now. I didn't think I'd be especially happy about driving the few 10 minutes to the new shop verses walking down the street two blocks to the old shop, but I actually love it. The drive is so pretty. At first it's just regular old highway driving, but just a few minutes before you reach the exit, you go up a big hill, and once you reach the top, you can see the ocean and beautiful shoreline to your right and rolling green hills dotted with houses to the left. And then of course when I get there, I find treasures! It's a nice outing. Here are my picks this week.

Old white metal toolbox. $32.

Wood "ribbon" mirror. I think this mirror is so cute and would be perfect for a little girl's room, above a dressing table or dresser. It's $42. Someone put it on hold after I took the picture, though, so it may be gone now!

Candle holder. $22.

While I was there, Lisa went to Tranquilitea down the street and picked up these petifores. Aren't they pretty? Here they are before . . .

And after! We ate all of them! Wow, they were good. Thanks Lisa!

The Pickled Hutch is an antique store in San Francisco that I love. Every Wednesday (or so) I pick three items to post on my blog that I especially like. The Pickled Hutch is located at 2021 Palmetto Avenue, Pacifica, CA. Open Wed. to Sun. 11 - 6. PH 650-359-2000. Ask for Lisa.


Fifi Flowers said...

I read about the yummy pastries on Lisa's blog. I need to make a trip up north and visit... those pastries look delicious!

nadia said...

I love the photograph with the mirrow, red stool and figure staring at herself- beautiful!