Sunday, 15 June 2008

Life is a Bowl of (sour!) Cherries

Yesterday we went to the Alemany Farmer's Market, which is becoming our regular Saturday morning shopping trip. Fresh fruit, veggies, eggs, bread, honey, olive oil, flowers--we can get it all there. And every once in a while we find something really exciting like sour cherries. They are very sour! Andrew's been on the lookout for these for a few weeks now and was really happy to see them at the market yesterday. He brandied some of the cherries for Manhattans, and the rest are going to go in a cherry pie along with some bing cherries we picked up. We'll see how it turns out. Two weekends ago Andrew made the best cherry pie I've ever eaten, using just bing cherries. I think it was the best any kind of pie I've ever eaten, and I can't imagine him topping that, but maybe the sour cherries will do it. Here are a few pictures from yesterday morning.



Gorgeous! Wow.
To have a husband that cooks! You lucky,lucky girl. Do you just put the cherries in brandy or is there cooking involved?
Lisa & Alfie

Freshly Found said...

We have Farmer's Market nearby too. It is always so much fun to go, but it is really early on a Saturday morning - and I usually "wake up" too late.