Saturday, 2 February 2008

Found this look at the Hutch

I'm always seeing things in magazines that remind me of similar things that Lisa often has in store at the Pickled Hutch. Here's one of those things that I have my eye on. It's in the garden at the Hutch. I really like the idea of using it in our guest bedroom (aka the room where I attempt to make things) for my craft stuff, like in this picture above from Country Living. Paula has a similar one that she uses as a potting shelf (shown in the last picture). I think it would be cute in a kitchen too.


For Love of Home said...

Leigh, the cupboard in the first picture looks just like the one that I just brought in from Chattanooga. I love this look too.

Casey said...

oh, i really like that! i am looking for something similar for my craft/office supplies. --i really love your blog, i am a regular antiquer, so i love your finds for inspiration!