Thursday, 31 January 2008

Pickled Hutch Picks of the Week - 1/29

For my Pickled Hutch picks this week, my favorite thing is partly missing. I took a picture of the adorable little glasses that come as a set with this martini pitcher, but I didn't get it off the card reader before Andrew took the camera out of town. The glasses are adorable, though. They're round and a little smaller than a tennis ball. The set of 4 glasses with the pitcher is $52. Did someone say, pomtini time? (Pomegranate martini's that is--they're pom wonderful.)

Old suitcases. Great for storage. Find one more to make three, stack them, and you have a nice little side table. The small one is $35 and the larger one is $45.

Floor lamp with ivory drum shade. I like the bulbous marble knob. I didn't write down the price, whoops. I'll have to ask Lisa.

The Pickled Hutch is an antique store in San Francisco that I love. Every Wednesday I pick three items to post on my blog that I especially like. The Pickled Hutch is located at 1605 Church Street, San Francisco, CA. Open Wed. to Sun. 11 - 6. PH 415-641-8875. Ask for Lisa.


Anonymous said...

Don't hate me, I'm a victim too.
I'm tagging you for the "7 weird things about me" meme. (See recent post at fp)

Carolina Eclectic said...

Love your finds. I especially love the suitcases, the stripes are a great detail.

Lisa & Alfie at The Pickled Hutch said...

Hey Leigh,
You picked one of my favorite new things with that martini set. I was thinking making we should initiate all the barware that comes in with a cocktail. Pomtini's sound good to me!

euroantiquer said...

Thank you for adding me to your Blogroll!
I always love Lisa's "stuff". She (Or Alfie, I don't know which) has a good eye!
And I'm lovin your Blog header!