Sunday, 3 February 2008

Easy Button Project

I love buttons and button crafts and decided to pull out my button jar and make something with them. My bulletin board was looking a little shabby with plain old push pins, so I decided to cover some of them with cute buttons. Now I have cute button push pins! All I did was dab a bit of glue from my glue gun onto the tips, then pressed the buttons on and let them dry for a few minutes. My push pins aren't ideal for this project since they already have a thick tip--the thin metal push pins would have been better. Still, it worked out!


The Feathered Nest said...

You know I LOVE this idea, Leigh! Too, too cute....your banner is wonderful, bytheway ~ xxoo, Dawn

Emily said...

what a great idea for all of those buttons I have laying around.


Freshly Found said...

I also have an enormous button collection - picked up a few packets-full the other day at a thrift shop - now am thinking about what to do with them! I don't have pins on my notice board - but it has certainly got me thinking!