Friday, 10 August 2007

Inspiration Close to Home

When we came to SF to look for apartments, the one we ended up with was the second one we looked at. When we first saw it, I thought it was okay, but then when I saw the baby blue carpet in the bedrooms, I thought, nope--can't do it. So we moved on to the next apartment. Soon we realized that actually getting an apartment here was very competitive and that the baby blue carpet apartment was a dream compared to some of the other dingy but extremely high priced apartments we saw. Recently, though, our landlords let us replace the carpet! Now we have light beige carpet in the bedrooms. I love it! I never thought I'd say that about carpet, but it's so creamy and fluffy and clean. I've been so excited to make things how I'd really like them. Not many color combos look good with baby blue wall to wall carpet so until recently I hadn't really bothered too much with our bedroom--just decorated it in neutral colors only. I decided to re-do our room in black, white and beige. I've been flipping through magazines, but like usual, I always go back to the box full of pictures I have of my mom's and grandma's houses they've lived in over the years. I like the way they do things better than just about anyone. My grandma's style is a little fancier than my mom's, whose style is more laid back. Grandma's house is the one with salmon walls, and there we all are in December of 1999. Mom's house has the brown walls. Neither of them live in either of these houses anymore. But these are the two I was looking at tonight. Whenever I need picture hanging and arranging help, I turn to this box.


The Feathered Nest said...

Goodness, every time I see your Grandma's house I want to go shopping in there!!! I love that she displays her treasures so she can see and enjoy them all. I am all for that "surround yourself with all that you love" look. A minimalist I am not! xxoo, Dawn

caroline said...

where are the photos of your room!

Leigh said...

Our room isn't ready for photos! I still need a few more things to get it right. I'll show you soon.

susan said so said...

The first photo of your Grandma's house is aaaamazing - How fortunate you are to have such a colorful, creative, and vibrant grandmother!

I found this post by way of theone about your sister's house - also amazing, by the way! Looks like you've got a whole familt of creative women. : )

I hope uou'll come visit me at

xox, Susan