Monday, 13 August 2007

At Home on the Russian River

This weekend we headed to the Russian River for a short vacation with some friends. We stayed in a nice little house right by the river and spent Saturday lounging on the beach, canoing, eating and relaxing in the hot tub. On Sunday we headed to Stella's Cafe for a delicious brunch and a wine tasting afterwards. Then on the way home, we stopped into one of the many, many antique stores in Sebastopol, Nothin' New (I love the name). This place has a ton of stuff piled up. You have to dig to see just about anything here, but you'll find a lot of great things, especially chairs and dressers in the outdoor areas. But most things will need some TLC, so if you're up for that kind of thing, this is a great place. Here are a few pictures from our weekend, including one of the apple tree in the backyard. Although our place was very nice, we'd like to stay at Rio Paradiso next time, which was already booked when we made our reservation. Wouldn't you feel at home here?

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