Thursday, 9 August 2007

Mars and Venus Decorate the Apartment

Andrew, my husband, has a much more contemporary aesthetic than I do. Although I like mostly all the same things he likes, I'm never really sure how to blend them with the things I especially like. I like just plain old things--if the paint's pealing off, if it's rusted, broken or chipped, I'll probably love it. I'd like to be able to mix
the old and new together better like this or this. Here's an example of one thing he loves and one thing I love that just don't look right near each other to me. We got his pick from Sita Rupe at ReadyMade's Winter Ball last December. I'm not actually sure where mine came from, which means my mom probably gave it to me at some point. I love it, though. I love the way it looks like the frame suffered some kind of water damage or spill, I love the ship on the sea and the colors of the print, and I love that you can tell the print is a little torn inside. I think a lot of people might see this and think it's just ruined and should head for the trash! For the most part our place reflects the stuff I like most--poor Andrew, surrounded by the wall of ladies! Actually, good thing for me, he likes them.

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