Saturday, 25 July 2015

The Perfect Beach Tote

We're at the beach having a great time in Florida with my family. I was a little worried about the weather before we got here. It was looking pretty bleak. A dark and stormy beach forecast did not make for ideal visions of beach bliss. But it turned around quickly and we've had great weather every day! Before we left I was on the lookout for a new beach bag. My boat tote has seen better days and I've been wanting something a bit more hardy that can stand up to the wear and tear of general life dragging (mostly spilled, dripped, crunched kid) stuff around in a bag. And that made me think of Susan Hoff's tote bags made from recycled sails.

I love her bags. I first saw them in San Francisco at Gravel and Gold and wrote about them in a shopping guide to SF for Mollie Makes a while back. I was reminded of them today in Remodelista where her live-work space is featured this week. The look of her home is very similar to the style of her bags--rustic, simple, and clean-looking with a good bit of white with hints of color. You almost get the sense of a breath of fresh sea air looking at the photos.
And her bags that I covet... simple and beautiful. I love that there is often something off-center or asymmetrical about many of them. 
You can see more of her bags on her web site
Photos of Susan's home by Dalilah Arja

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