Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Beautiful Things

I've been in a bit of a funk lately. More of a slump than a funk, but something that went from relieved to be finished with my book to sad that it is officially finished. It's not often that I have such a big project in my lap at once. It seemed to go from full speed to stop in one day. I'm still very happy it's finished and am looking forward to another big project. In the meantime, I've been up to the usual stuff... sewing, housework (seriously, how is there always so much laundry to do? We need less stuff!), reading.... And I'm looking forward to going to the US next week to visit family and go to the beach, yay! I'm also daydreaming of having our own house one day and what it would look like (just a tad pricey to buy a house in our current neighborhood, so we're not sure when that will happen or where it will be). I've been eyeing my pinterest for inspiration, which I haven't looked at much in months. Some of my favorite images are of colorful interiors.

A few of my favorite photos are are the work of Anna Spiro of Black and Spiro, a shop in Australia, and the blog Absolutely Beautiful Things. I used to read her blog often, but as with many blogs, I read them less and instead check their instagram. She, like many bloggers, seems to do less blogging these days and more quick social networking like using instagram. I love looking at her instagram for inspiration. Her style mixes modern and vintage perfectly and is polished while still welcoming and cozy at the same time. I'd love to get her book to read about her decorating tips. I especially love how she mixes prints and paintings of varying styles and colors so well. She's a master at hanging pictures gallery style.
This is just a little look at her style from a recent hotel project of hers, the very beautiful boutique hotel, Halcyon House. Oh the blue and white, the geometric wallpaper, the pops of color! I love it all. But really I love everything she does. So while I continue to avoid the mountain of laundry, I'll enjoy her beautiful things and dream of being at the beach next week! (Photos from here.)


jabbott said...

Well done for finishing your book, when will it be available to the public, and if now where can it be purchased?

Leigh said...

Hi Joy, thanks! The book is on Amazon, available for pre-order now. It will be out 30 Sept here and 30 Nov in the U.S. (I think!). Not sure which bookstores will be carrying it yet though or publication dates in other parts of the world.