Monday, 20 April 2015

Snapshots from Cornwall

I've been so busy lately that our holiday in Cornwall with friends almost seems like a distant memory. The days just seem to rush by and it's hard for me to keep up with everything that I need and want to do. I imagine many people feel the same way, juggling the responsibilities of housework, kids, work and play. (I feel like I say that all the time!) It was great to have a break from our regular routine, though, and I wouldn't mind being back there now. The weather this week there is amazing. Unfortunately the weather wasn't great most of the time we were there, but we all had a wonderful time anyway. Our girls played with their friends from morning till night and had so much fun together. We went on some lovely short hikes, went to the beach, went to the Eden Project, Rick Stein's fish and chips, we cooked, played in the garden at the house, had an Easter egg hunt, and had a relaxing time just lounging around. The house we stayed in was amazing. I highly recommend it if you're looking for a place to stay near Bude. Here's a look at our holiday in Cornwall though instagram.

Miss Ellie in our fab kitchen, the size of a swimming pool. I'd love a kitchen this big. No bumping into each other here!
An actual swimming pool, and a natural one at that. The waves were coming up over the edge and filling the pool. 
Ellie with Andrew trying not to blow over in wind on the beach.
Cozy by the fire. 
Glorious plants at the Eden Project
Rick Stein's seafood and fish and chips shop. The best fish and chips I've ever eaten! 
 Andrew's homemade morning buns. One of the many delicious things he made. 
Chickens hunting for Easter eggs.
 Ellie hunting for Easter eggs.
 A short break on our hike. 
 A little stream near the house.
And a big stream on our drive. 
We look forward to visiting Cornwall again one day. It's truly such a beautiful part of the country. 


jabbott said...

You are what a beautiful place to visit. I need to go back there one day, I have good memories there. Thank you for sharing x

marilu said...

Beautiful location and photos! It looks like you had a great time! I love the colors in the photos! They seemed book-like. Did you have to edit them or is it one of instagram's filters? The girls look so grown up now..

Karen said...

This looks absolutely wonderful. A perfect getaway! Thank you for the photos!

Leigh said...

Hi Marilu! Yes, I used instagram with the Amaro filter mostly, that one is one of my favourite.