Sunday, 23 November 2014

Craft Room Re-do

I think I mentioned that in our house re-arrange I've taken over Ellie's room as my craft room. We're actually sharing a room for now. She hasn't really noticed I've hijacked her room. My craft bits and bobs, which are mostly pretty florals and many pastel colors, go well with her nursery decor. I switched out the grey velvet curtains that were in her room (which belong to our landlords) and replaced them with the chevron Ballard Designs curtains I previously had in our front room. I wanted to move our old dining room table into this room, but we couldn't get it up the stairs! It's about an inch too wide to fit. So I decided to get this simple table from IKEA.
The table has no drawers, though, so I'd like to get a vintage letter tray to put on the table for all my little sewing bits, something like this. I stashed away the sewing machine pedal and power cord. Cords are no fun to see, but alas, they are a necessity. I will likely tape my power cord to the back of the table, but I can't do anything about the one connected to the pedal except put it away when I'm not using it. The room is filled with lots of little things that make me happy!
The boxes on the wall are wood wine boxes I bought on ebay. I painted them a while back and lined one with vintage wallpaper and one with pretty wrapping paper. I made the wreath from twigs and fabric scraps for Christmas last year
I love that I can see Ellie's black apple doll on her branch in the mirror but I can't see myself at the desk. Mirrors should always reflect a nice view. (I'd prefer to look at her. Not so sure my sewing face is always a pretty one!) 
I thought the wall could use a few more things, so I put some favorite fabrics in embroidery hoops and some scissors in a vintage "comb and brush" tray. The chair I found on the side of the street in Atlanta and walked it home, and the seat cushion my mom found at a thrift store, I think. In any case, my mom gave it to me and I love it. 
Miss Peg Dolly here is a Jess Quinn creation, as is my Oshi doll shown below peg dolly.
I love my teacup pin cushion, which I bought from Sew That's It on etsy a few years ago. And the dolly here I made for a craft project for 91 Magazine
And I have some other little storage tins and whatnot for holding little things on the table. A favorite is a pins and needles case by Jessie Chorley
I made this petits fours stand from a project in Sarah Moore's Vintage Home book. Super easy to make! 
And this little machine embroidered house I made based on a project in Nicky Trench's book A Passion for Quilting. Mine isn't quilted but would probably look better if I had quilted it. Too cute to stash away though so I hung it from a branch. And the lamp I bought at a flea market in San Francisco for something silly like $15. The lamp shade I also bought at a flea market there but not on the same day. This lamp is one of my most favorite things. 

This chest of drawers I bought in our neighborhood. It's not ideal because the drawers stick, but I like the knobs I bought for it. I bought them at Anthropologie. 
I put dolly's scarf back on as it's getting quite chilly now! 
The branch is still filled with the same things as last year because I still like how it looks, with fairy lights, Ellie's birth announcements, a few family pictures and other pretty bits in it. I still need to hang something above it... I'm thinking a fabric kite. 
 The daybed and Ellie's crib are also from IKEA. They are simple and do the job. The daybed also has drawers, providing a good bit of much needed storage. Yes, she is sporting the teensiest ponytail in history and has her outfit on inside out. 
I haven't completely kicked Ellie out! She likes the room as much as I do. Not shown are all her books and handful of toys, though I moved most toys to Lois's room because her room is bigger and they play in there more often. The chest of drawers is also all hers, filled to max capacity with enirely too many clothes for a two year old! So that's the tour of my new craft room. I'm ready to get to sewing... first up will be some re-purposed sweaters turned Christmas stockings. 


Anonymous said...

To address the drawers that stick...try rubbing a bar of soap along the bottom of the drawers...good enjoy your blog.

Julia said...

Perfect and cozy... I love it! So nice to have a crafty space to yourself.

Patchwork Harmony said...

Lovely Leigh! X

Cupcake said...

You could try rubbing a candle stick along the draws to stop them sticking. Ktx

mollymell said...

What a lovely craft room Leigh. I fixed mine about 2 years ago, and now looking at yours I few like 'updating' mine.

I love the branch with the fairy lights, and your wreath is so simple & beautiful. The embroidered house on the wall is adorable, it reminded me the art of Hens Teeth (Viv), which I love.

It's easy to understand why Ellie likes the room as much as you, this space looks dreamy & magical.