Saturday, 25 October 2014

Shades of Green

We decided to re-arrange our house a bit and so there's been lots of moving furniture, painting walls, and buying new things here and there to make it all work. It all started with a conversation about our dining table. Our dining area was quite cramped, with a dining table against our stairwell wall beside our kitchen. It's bothered us that we don't have a very good place for a kitchen table since we moved here, especially in winter because we can't eat alfresco when it's cold and wet. So we decided to make our downstairs lounge a dining room AND sitting room within one room, which meant moving quite a few things around to make it work.
Our front room upstairs was my craft room / sitting room / put it here because we don't have another place for it room. In its early days it looked a bit like this. And you can see a few more photos here. We didn't want to make it a dining room because it seemed weird to haul our food upstairs to another room (our kitchen is below this floor) so we thought we'd make it a lounge (and I stole Ellie's room as my craft room, or rather we're sort of sharing for now). I didn't think all our dark and earth toned things that we needed to move into that room went very well with the duck egg blue walls, and for some reason I had my mind on a light shade of green. So I got to painting! What a mess, huh?
But after I finished I thought it was too light. Too green apple-ish! 
So I looked at many beautiful inspiration pics on pinterest, like these below, and fell in love with the idea of a more dramatic green. I HATE painting and really didn't want to paint the room again, but that light green just was not right. I felt it wasn't right the entire time I was painting, but I kept going with it, thinking it might feel more right once it was finished. But that didn't happen. So back to the paint store I went. (A fantastic paint store, by the way!)
I briefly got de-railed from the green track with thoughts of other dramatic colors like salmon pink, teal, or mustard. I think I would have been happy with any of them, but we made our way back to green. I told our landlords I wanted to paint the room a "deeper" color... but I'm not sure what they would have made of some of these! But I love pink walls, and teal can be amazing too
I'll have to save my ideas for pink and teal for other rooms one day. Now our front room is a mossy shade of green, and we love it! In some light it still looks a bit apple-like, but in other light, it looks warmer and more chartreuse. I've been having fun deciding where to hang things, but I still need to get some things framed and buy a few more pictures and accessories before it will look finished. And I'm waiting for some burlap curtains from Ballard Designs. This is a start, though! It's our grown-up game room / library / sitting room, and Lois loves it too. It will be cozy by the fire this winter.
I blame Lois for where the chess pieces are!
And now we're working on the downstairs... I'm going for a look that is colorful, cheerful and very kid friendly. I've been pulling lots of inspiration from my "colorful spaces" board on pinterest. More to come from our makeover soon. 


Vintage Sheet Addict said...

What a beautiful room! I love that shade, green is one of my favourite shade but I've rarely used it in my home except for a lime green phase I went through in the late '90s! Beautiful, can't wait to see what else you pull out the bag! :) xxx

Ana Lima said...

What a lovely room,cosy but still with loads of class!


Julia said...

I love this shade of green! The room looks amazing.

Alex said...

Gorgeous warm and refreshing colour.
Alexa blogging from Sydney, Australia