Friday, 26 September 2014

The Old Haberdashery

During our food styling workshop in East Sussex, we had planned a pub lunch at The Bell in Ticehurst, which was a really nice lunch though service was quite slow for our large group. But before lunch we had a few minutes to take a peek into one of my favorite shops, The Old Haberdashery, which is on the same street as The Bell. I actually hadn't been before that day but knew I'd love the shop from seeing The Old Haberdashery stall at the Decorative Living fair last year and from a wonderful article earlier this year in Country Living. I'd like to move in there! It's filled with everything I love.

I only had about 10 minutes in the shop and we were a group of 10 or so browsing in the tiny space, so I didn't have much time to get many great photos and didn't get any wide images, but here are a few. Sonia, the owner, is lovely, and I always love how she tends to arrange things in groupings by their color. It makes all her merchandise pop. Her window displays are always amazing as well (if you stay on the main page of her web site for a few minutes, the photos will scroll through her various window displays where you can see just how beautifully creative they are). I enjoy reading her blog and seeing new window displays and everything else she's up to in the shop. It's a nice escape when I'm needing a crafty-vintage eye candy fix! We also recently went apple picking at Maynard's Farm, which is right down the street and around the corner from The Old Haberdashery. A great day out would include some fruit picking, haberdashery browsing and a good pub lunch. The PYO farm is closed for picking until spring, but that outing idea might be one for your outings list next year! Hope you enjoy the little tour of The Old Haberdashery. If you're in London next week, Sonia will have a stall at the Decorative Living Fair on Thursday. 


rebekka said...

Oh wow, love it...and I spy some yarn! :)

Anonymous said...

This place looks like fun. If only it weren't half way round the world!! Thanks for the post and pictures so I can drool. Marie