Friday, 2 May 2014

Just Keep Sewing

Lately I feel like every day goes by in a flash. I guess that's a good thing though! Though don't have a regular full-time job, I feel much busier than when I did have one. Not that having children isn't a full-time job, but really I only have Ellie 3 days a week now since Lois is in school and Ellie goes to nursery. Still, somehow I always feel frantic trying to squeeze all my need-to-dos and want-to-dos. And I'm almost always vacuuming regardless of what needs doing. I swear I'm attached to that thing. But of course I can usually manage to cram in some want-to-do time like making a visit to Sew Over It.
Part shop, part sewing cafe, and all inspiring! I love this shop. It's bright, pretty, they have great supplies, and it smells so good! Seriously, it smells like some warm, fluffy laundry right out of they dryer. I'd go just to breathe in the air! And I love the motto on the wall... "sewing soothes the soul, or something like that." I realized what I like most about cooking and sewing are the same thing, and that is making something wonderful out of a few simple things, which somehow always adds structure and purpose to my life, especially when I feel things are out of my control--that's when I tend to cook or sew most often. If my life's gonna be a mess and things are out of my control, I'll find a way to impose some semblance of control and structure. So indeed, it does soothe the soul, I think. Mollie Makes did a piece on Sew Over It in their latest issue (or was it the one before?) but I realized let my subscription run out (oops!) so I don't have that issue yet. And Lisa, the owner of Sew Over It, guest edited a special DIY fashion edition of Mollie Makes, which I do have and it's great. I haven't been to Sew Over It since the last class I took, so I was way overdue for a visit. They recently added quite a few patterns, and now that I'm up to the intermediate pattern challenge, I wanted to pick up at least one of their patterns that I have on my list. I decided on the ultimate wrap dress. But I still have my eye on more classes. If you're interested in learning to sew or improving your dressmaking skills, I highly recommend a class at Sew Over It. Here's a peek until you can get there...

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ALoadofOldTat said...

It looks devine, what a wonderful place to spend a few hours creating. I love the lampshade too and know just where I can find fabric to make it. Happened to be in our local material shop yesterday and spotted similar. Fell in love with it but immediate thoughts were no one I know would appreciate wearing it but a lampshade now that's different and I have the perfect spot for it. Thank you.