Thursday, 10 April 2014

An Easter Dress for Little Miss

Here is Ellie's finished Easter dress! I'm so happy with it! I think after this dress I can now consider myself an intermediate sewist. I've been sewing since 2006 but only recently pushed myself in garment sewing. When I've gotten frustrated in the past, Andrew reminded me that sewing is not a linear learning process and not to be so hard on myself, which I've probably mentioned before. One thing at a time! For this pattern, I did just that. I took it one step at a time and tried not to read ahead and get overwhelmed by the two separate huge pages of instructions front and back. The pattern was actually very clear and easy to follow despite the lengthy number of steps.

This is the first garment that I've made that is fully lined. It also has really beautiful sleeves and a sweet collar. I chose the fabric after noticing how many versions I liked of it that had a lot of blue, like this one and this adorable one. I bought the fabric on Goldhawk road for a pretty reasonable price. It took me about a week to make because I can only sew during Ellie's naps or when the girls are asleep (or if Ellie is a nursery). I hope I can finish Lois's in time for Easter! For the weekend we're headed out of town to go glamping on a farm so the sewing will have to wait until we return, but I'll post pics of the girls in their dresses after Easter. 


justmejay said...

This is ever so sweet - such pretty fabric - and a perfect zip :-)

Katie Evans said...

So beautiful and perfect! Love the detail - it looks v tricky!

Julia said...

Such a precious little dress.