Thursday, 13 March 2014

Stitching up a Storm

The last few days my sewing machine has been humming away during most of my free time. Ellie naps well and goes to nursery part-time a few days each week, so I have a bit more time to do some fun things, and I love it. Of course I always feel like I have a million other things to do as well (I feel a bit like the Tasmanian devil, uh sort of like this, when my children aren't around and can barely focus for all the things buzzing in my head that I want to do), but I've mostly been inspired to sew so I manage to make time for it lately. I finished my miette skirt and almost finished a sencha blouse. First though, the skirt...

It looks hot pink here, but it's really a strawberry red. I used Liberty for the facing in the pockets and waistband. This skirt was very easy to make and Tilly's instructions are very clear and thorough. I recommend this pattern if you're a beginner. If you are a beginner though, she doesn't give tips for hemming on a curve, but you can easily get help for that online, like here. I loved making the pockets and waistband. Very fun!
My pockets gaped more so than what would have been needed, I thought, so I took them in a bit. Overall I'm really happy with the result though I'm not sure mine looks as cute on me as Tilly! I have really thin legs, which I don't think the wide A-line shape suits especially well since it sort of looks like two twigs sticking out of a tent, but I'm still happy with the cute skirt. I love this shortened version with the belt loops and might try it with a lighter weight fabric than the brushed cotton I used.
I just got her Coco pattern and am looking forward to it. In the meantime, I made the Colette sencha blouse, which was not as successful as the skirt. I Googled images of it and could tell I might not like the fit. I don't normally like things that make my shirt puff up or accentuate my pooch and I could tell this top was capable of doing those things. I really should have used some scrap fabric first and made a muslin. My neckline seems to high, though I feel I cut the pattern and fabric carefully, and the armholes are a bit too snug and the shirt just doesn't give much or feel particularly comfortable. I actually think it sort of looks like I have it on backwards! I also don't think the interfacing is necessary. I think it would have looked softer and neater just using the fabric facing. I love the shape of the sleeves though. 
I got to this point you see above at midnight and when I tried it on, I was almost in tears! I hate it when I don't like something and tried really hard to do a good job. But in the morning Andrew helped me pin it on properly and I was happier with it. I haven't finished the back, but I think I will finish for the sake of finishing. And I might give this one another go, keeping in mind what bothered me and making some minor changes. I love the way it looks here tucked in, and this version too, and this one... I hope I can get mine to look as nice. I do love the fabric though, which I got at Fabrics Galore and is a nice Liberty lawn in a great pattern and fun, vibrant colors. They have great prices on Liberty fabric. Much cheaper than Liberty themselves anyway! I have more of it and am now making a different top. Yay, happy sewing!


RhymesWithCakes said...

Some great makes there, the combinnation of fabrics in the Meitte are beautiful and I think you may have persuaded me to buy the pattern. I too have bought Coco, I've started, and got up to inserting the sleeves but I'm having a bit of a wobble and crisis of confidence and I'm worried I won't do it right!

Julia said...

I love the skirt... just beautiful!

Kathryn said...

Your Miette is gorgeous - the shape looks perfect & I love your use of contrast fabric on the waistband and pockets. I cut out a Miette not long after I found out I was pregnant last summer - I really want to make it up but have a feeling it'll be too big now as I cut it out thinking I'd make it & wear it when pregnant. I think I'll give it a go now though!

Queen of Toast said...

Just discovered your blog.

I love your Miette - it looks great. I've nearly finished mine, but my colours aren't nearly as pretty as yours.

Good luck with your blouse.

caroline said...

i love it! and the color is gorgeous!