Saturday, 14 September 2013

Weekend Market

One thing I really like about our neighborhood is our little Saturday market. It's on Northcross Road in East Dulwich, a few blocks from us. Although it's small, with only a handful of vendors, it has a good variety of food, crafts, and vintage treasures. When we first found this neighborhood, the market was a big selling point for us. Here are some market pictures from when we first moved here.

I went last weekend and had a good time looking at everything and getting some yummy treats, and I decided to bring my camera along for a change. There's a small vintage stall, which only opens on Saturday. I loved this bird cake stand. I probably should have bought it! But then again, I liked most everything she had last weekend.

And tacos! Let me tell you, having moved here from California, I miss good tacos. But lucky me, I don't have to go far (so long as I can wait till Saturday). Ambriento tacos are delicious and are one of the handful of regular food trucks at the market. 
A new vendor at the market is Milla and Arti. I especially liked their bags.
Lots of scarves from a vintage clothing vendor.
The kettle popcorn is always a hit.
Some jewelry from Lisa Moss of Twenty 8 Twelve.
Fudge never hurt.
Nice shirts from Robin. I like the fabrics a lot.
I didn't get this vendor's name but she carries some pretty clothes.
Brownies from Sweet Tooth. They have lots of variations on the traditional brownie.
You'll find a lot of other yummy food as well. And just around the corner on Lordship Lane, you will find a table of pretty sweets by Dolce Vita, a few of which have won "great taste" awards. The carrot cake cupcake is my favorite, but Lois loves the vanilla cupcakes with hearts and flowers on top. Can't go wrong with any of them though!


ALoadofOldTat said...

Lucky you, I am green with envy.

Patchwork Harmony said...

Looks fab Leigh! Maybe I should come visit u on a Saturday after all! ;)
Caroline x

Leigh said...

Caroline, Saturdays are great because of the market, but there are some nice places I could take you during the week as well!

Julia said...

What a special treat to have this lovely market in your neighborhood.