Thursday, 18 July 2013

Time Spread His Wings

My poor little blog, I've neglected you! I've gotten very behind in my posting, and everything else it seems. I know I sound like a broken record here. The fact that my keyboard does not want to type certain letters sometimes lately, like the letter "T" which is in almost every other word, is not helpful either! I have to smash down about 50 times to get it to work, argh. So much to catch up on though, which I hope to do within the next week or so like sorting the 8,000+ photos on my phone into albums before it explodes. I probably don't need photos from a year ago on my phone. And I have lots of beach photos to post, an update on a quick trip to Lisbon that we just returned from, sharing some photos of sewing projects I never got around to posting before we left, and sharing a few articles I wrote recently. I'm also going to enjoy my birthday, which is tomorrow. I love birthdays, but they do seem to come so quickly as you get older. My friend Emmeline gave me a sweet little package today, some of which is shown here. Buttons!! Buttons! I love all the buttons and little bits she gave me, and packaged so thoughtfully too, and with a very nice card as well. Don't you love it when people give you gifts and you just know they get you? So after I enjoy my birthday and finish unpacking, which seems to be taking me forever for some reason, I will give my blog some much needed attention. 


Julia said...

Hope you are enjoying your birthday!!!

Katie Evans said...

Hope you had a lovely birthday! Katie