Wednesday, 20 February 2013

A Little Gem

Today I took Lois to a cooking class in Hither Green. I knew nothing about that neighborhood other than what I could see on street view the night before, which didn't look like much. But right near her class I found a wonderful tea room-flower shop called You Don't Bring Me Flowers. I didn't even need to step inside to know I'd love it. I could tell from the outside that it would be great, with its cute terrace tables and pots of flowers and bins of books. Stepping inside was wonderful too. As soon as you walk in the door you're greeted by the wonderful smell of flowers and coffee and the sound of music like this, playing on a record player! I love the duck egg blue walls and all the mis-matched, colorful mid-century decor.
They carry a great selection of greeting cards too, many San Francisco lines and designers I recognized like Jill Bliss and Hello Lucky. All of the cakes and sweet treats looked wonderful. I had a hard time deciding between pear-ginger cake, white chocolate-cardamom cake, and a raspberry-apple muffin. I went for the raspberry. I think the pink got me! If Hither Green is on your way anywhere, be sure to stop at You Don't Bring Me Flowers.


Kim said...

You find the prettiest places! Lois is having a very rich childhood!

Claire said...

Wat een heerlijke M line matrassen