Friday, 15 February 2013

Belated Valentine's

Happy after Valentine's day day! I meant to write this post yesterday, but as is often the case, the day flew by and I didn't get to it before I was too sleepy. Ah, well, hearts are always pretty, right? And love, that's a daily thing too, or should be anyway. I really like this blog post about Valentine's day and what celebrating love and gratitude should be about. I had fun the past two weeks making heart-shaped things with Lois, most of which were edible! She loves to help in the kitchen and though it can be extra messy with her "help" and a little frustrating sometimes, I pretty much always let her help with something.
I don't think I've had rice krispy treats since I was little and it was fun to make them with her. I don't actually like them as an adult (too sweet for me!), but it's a classic treat and so easy to make. We used pink marshmallows and I added pink food coloring to make them more pink.

We also made some heart shaped pistachio brown butter cardamom financiers from La Tartine Gourmande, a favorite at our house! You can find the recipe here. I add natural green food coloring to try to make them look like Bea's in the cookbook.
Happy after Valentine's day! 
I'm grateful to have these sweeties in my life.


Julia said...

Happy "belated" Valentine's Day to you! I love all the heart treats! And you have two adorable little girls!

coeur de cruz said...

Haven't made Rice Krispy cake for ages. Using the heart cutters is a great idea! :)