Tuesday, 30 October 2012


Lois celebrated a birthday a few weeks ago. We had a great day on her actual birthday. We made a cake, same as last year (a delicious cake!), went to her favorite candy shop, and she got a new haircut. Then on the weekend we had a fun party with some nursery school friends. I made a batch of party hats, which took about a week. They were just for a handful of kids, but they are time-consuming to make, and I'm a little out of practice making them. But I'm glad I did.
All her little guests really liked their party hats. I can't believe she's 4! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LOIS! Time does fly. I was afraid she'd be well on her way to 5 before I got around to post this! 
Here were the party hats in progress. I hope to make them again for sale one day. But I need a better strategy for making them, uh, like having someone else make them! It just takes me way too long. 
And me and Lois. I love how big her face and cheeks look here! 


The Feathered Nest said...

Awww Leigh, how in the world did this happen?? Four??? Happy Birthday sweet Lois!!!! Looks like you all had so much fun and her hair is just precious! You are in the thick of it...these are the good ol' days ~ hugs and love, Dawn

Brown Paper & String said...

What a gorgeous girl! Happy Birthday Lois. My Max just turned 4 also, such a fun age, although it would be his worst nightmare to go for a haircut on his birthday, boys!!!
Jo xxx
P.S. The party hats are ridiculously awesome. You should go into production (obviously paying someone else to do the making!)

Julia said...

What a fun birthday party for an adorable little girl. Happy Birthday, Lois! I love her haircut!

marilu said...

she looks adorable! and i really love the family shots! you look glowing Leigh!! kisses to Lois!