Monday, 22 October 2012

Birth Announcements Part 2

Here's an update to the birth announcements (hi Marilu! I know you wanted to see them finished). This is what the finished announcement looks like. The reason I was having so much trouble with my machine was I was using felt on the bottom and a lightweight cotton on top. Turns out most sewing machines sort of panic when you mix weights like that. So my sewing skills look horrid on the backside (also because I used grey thread on ivory felt), but I still think they are pretty cute. I love this Liberty fabric called Yoshi. It's charcoal grey with birds, bunnies, owls, deer, butterflies, and various trees and plants. It has a bit of color in places too. It's no longer on the Liberty web site, but you can see it here
Then I printed the announcement on cardstock in grey ink, and printed her photo at home as well. I've gotten behind in my posting, as usual it seems, but in other news Lois turned 4! I'll post some of her b-day photos soon.


marilu said...
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marilu said...

Awwwww! stunning! thanks for posting photos :) I could not wait to see the final result! They turned out very cute and your sewing skills are really good too! did I tell you that i have started a sewing skill class at London College of Fashion? On Thursday nights which is very tiring as very far from home but quite rewarding. Planning to buy a sewing machine soon. I went to the Knitting and Stitching Show in Alexandra Palace a couple of weeks ago and I thought to ask you to come along but then I thought with baby it would have been impossible. Post photos of Lois soon! Can't believe she is 4 already!