Monday, 16 April 2012

Porte de Vanves Flea Market Outing

Back in Paris now... One place I took my mom that she loved was the Porte de Vanves flea market. I went once a few years ago and looked forward to going back though I hadn't been yet this time around. There was a great selection of linens, buttons, vintage clothes, small furniture, lighting, mirrors, and paintings. So much good stuff at this flea market! I think the prices were high compared to London (compared to some places in London anyway) and much higher than the US, but I imagine a lot of these vendors buy in the country and sell in the city at the higher prices.
Still, it's really fun to look even if you don't buy anything or don't buy much. I think also, when you shop these markets often, you learn who has the deals and who's expensive, but I haven't figured that out yet at this market. Here's some of what caught my eye last weekend. 
Beautiful rugs and cushion covers. 
My mom and I both loved this table!
I'm not really sure what these little face-less people above are all about but I still thought it was cute. 
My mom has a collection of sailboat paintings on one wall in her living room, which I love too, and we both thought these would make nice additions to that wall. 
Buttons! This vendor had stacks and stacks of button cards and boxes and boxes filled with them! I had never seen so many buttons. 
And so many beautiful linens and tea towels.

This little dolly looked very suspicious, like it didn't want to go home with anyone. Looks like omeone would rather stay at the flea market.

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