Thursday, 12 April 2012

La Droguerie

I had a great time with my mom while she was visiting. She left today and I'll miss her, but we had a really nice time while she was here. I have a backlog of photos to show from my mom's trip. One of her favorite places was La Droguerie. I knew she would love it! I posted a few of these pictures recently, but I took a few more photos and wanted you to have a better look. I think we were there for 2 or so hours, and my mom was wide-eyed and wanted some of everything.
La Droguerie is a wonderful craft shop in Paris. They have a rainbow of yarn, embroidery floss, fabric, buttons, tons of beads and related jewelry supplies, and so many cute patterns and kits. If you are a crafty person, or just love craft supplies, this shop is a real treat. Don't miss it when you're in Paris!

La Droguerie
9 Rue du Jour
75001 Paris


Melizza said...

I LOVE this place. I found it by accident walking around the city and quickly went in. I bought a few meters of Liberty bias binding and stayed tickled pink for the rest of the day.

Edith said...

Hi Leigh,
Nice to see that you love my town =)
About La Droguerie, the boutique is gorgeous but be careful, as it is also really expensive.

If you need things to make jewellery, you can buy few of them there of course, but the best address in town is La Perlerie 22, which is located 22 rue du Temple (few steps from le BHV).
Not as beautiful as La Droguerie, but they sell the same jellewery thing for much less =)

Caroline Grant said...

I would like to thank Leigh for the lovely post and the information in it. I visited La Droguerie with my sister and I found the selection of findings wonderful and elegant. La Perlerie, on the other hand, does not hold a candle to it in terms of taste, I'm afraid to say. I visited it just yesterday and there's no comparison. Another great shop is Fried Frères 13 rue Caire (minimum purchase 50€, HUGE selection) and Matiére Première, 12 Rue de Sevigné, small but good quality and tasteful selection.

Leigh said...

Hi Caroline,

Thanks for your comment and the information on the other shops!