Sunday, 18 December 2011

Holiday Cheer

Oh I've been much distracted by our Paris plans, and have mostly neglected poor little Lois and holiday fun, but I haven't entirely forgotten about Christmas. We just have a wee synthetic tree this year, but my mom got an amazing real tree for her house this year. She usually goes the more eco friendly route, but she just decided she wanted a real tree this year, so that's what she did. Here's her tree above, which we decorated with the kids when I was in town. We love x-mas cards from past years stuffed in trees. They look even prettier that way to us and they fill some bigger holes. And tinsel, I LOVE tinsel. Just a little bit though to add some sparkle.

I made a s'mores pie at my mom's too. Dang it was good. I found the recipe here.
I made some stocking from Goodwill thrifted sweaters. These were so easy and fun. Those stockings took about 2 hours total. I used this Martha Stewart pattern. Cute! 
Lois made some ornaments.
And she made some cookies with her gal-pal, Eloise. 
And London is making up for any lack of festiveness at home. It is quite sparkly and filled with holiday hustle. I need to get out there and hustle myself and finish some shopping. 


Julia said...

Great photos! Love your mantle with all the pretty lights! And the stockings are great, too!

I'm Polly said...

That s'mores pie looks and sounds amazing, I'd never heard of it before! I'd love to have a go a baking one over the holidays - let's see.