Thursday, 1 December 2011

Gypsy Honeymoon

Whew, we're back from our US holiday--San Francisco, and then Atlanta to visit with both sides of our family for Thanksgiving. We had a great time but it's taken a few days to adjust and get back into our routine. One last San Francisco stop before moving on... I popped into Gypsy Honeymoon, one of my favorite SF shops, to see the new location. The location is new since we moved anyway, which has been 2 years! Time does fly. A post on a previous visit in the old location is here. The space and the merchandise may be different, but it's still the same Gypsy, filled with beautiful antiques, vintage clothes, jewelry, trinkets, and treasures. I didn't bring our nice Canon with us on the trip, but here are a few snaps in the new location, at 1266 Valencia Street, with my iPhone.
It is just as wonderful as it was in the old Victorian house. You can see a lot more photos on the Gypsy Honeymoon website. And be sure to stop in if you are in San Francisco!


Kim said...

oooh I love it. It looks like your grandma's house!which I love when you show photos of her house. she's my inspiration to keep to the way I decorate when I sometimes think I should change!


What a fantastic place!

Anonymous said...

hi. i like your photos.which camera and application did you use?