Sunday, 20 November 2011

Hotel Rex

So I mentioned that I loved our hotel. Well, if you're in San Francisco you might want to consider the Joie de Vivre hotel group. I can really only speak for Hotel Rex, but it was really great. It has a 20's-30's vibe and a library theme. In the lounge of the library bar are plenty of books, not just for show, but for anyone to take to their room for a bit of reading quiet time. They also have some antique library reading tables, book quotes on some feature walls, and book pages cover the walls of the hotel elevator. And the library bar lounge features a wall of lady portraits, which I really liked too. And you can borrow a few vintage bikes if you're brave enough to take on the San Francisco hills. The rooms are fairly simple, no fancy marble in the bathrooms, but you have everything you need and the bed and pillows were great. I also liked our shower curtain a lot. It was a fun vintage beach print. I can't remember ever especially liking a shower curtain in a hotel. The artwork throughout the hotel, outside of the main salon, was really nice as well. And the staff were super friendly. Lois woke up very early every day and we were downstairs for coffee before the sunrise, so I got to know a few staff members pretty well. The coffee is really great as well as the breakfast, which we had on our last day. I'd definitely choose this hotel again! Oh and I almost forgot, they have complimentary wine hour each night, and the wine was great.


Unknown said...

+1 on the Rex, I liked it as much or more than Adagio, which is from the same group of folks. Food choices are more extensive at Adagio as well.


Wow, that is what hotels should look like/be!

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