Sunday, 4 September 2011

Good Reads: Mollie Makes

I've found a new magazine that I love: Mollie Makes. I first read about the British craft magazine on Alicia Paulson's beautiful blog. Her studio is featured in one of the early issues. Unfortunately I missed that one, but I'm happy to have found the magazine. It's really wonderful. Finally, a great craft magazine! I feel that the majority of craft magazines on newsstands are stuck in a previous decade. But this magazine features current designers and crafters, both their work and studios, and it features fun, contemporary projects, and it has a great vintage-modern aesthetic. Making, thrifting, collecting, crafting... here's a peek at Mollie Makes.


Mollie Makes said...

Really glad you are enjoying!

Erin said...

I stumbled across Mollie Makes at one of the big bookstores here in the US and I love it too! I've gone back for every issue. :)
PS I love the new look of your site!

Leigh said...

Thanks Erin, glad you like the new look of my blog :)